Greenhouse Humidity/Cooling Units

Heat can be dropped and relative humidity increased with Timfog system as a result of evaporation of billions of water droplets sprayed from fogging nozzles by absorbing the heat of the air. The resulting cool and wet weather is used to keep the desired climate conditions in the greenhouse with Timfog circulation fans, ventilation and control systems. Thus the adverse weather conditions for the plants that may grow in the greenhouse are minimized. Wastage rates decrease and productivity increases because of the favorable conditions occurred for work environment and plant growth with decreasing temperature.

The most important advantage of Timfog systems is that the plants can obtain the humidity they require from the air without wetting because the water particles sprayed with 100 bar and above are rapidly turned into the gas phase. Thus yeast and decay that may occur due to wetting are prevented. The amount of water to be sprayed to the environment is calculated using the psychometric chart according to the desired humidity based on the greenhouse volume, maximum temperature and minimum humidity determined as per the climate conditions of the geographic region. Air humidity decreases with increasing temperature during the day.

The humidity which may be high in the mornings and evenings, decreases during midday when temperatures are high and the plants in the greenhouse may be exposed to different climatic conditions during the day. However, the biggest advantage of the greenhouses is grow products under controlled climatic conditions. It is possible to create same climatic conditions in greenhouses throughout the day with Timfog systems. Storage and Packaging Departments

It is very important that large sections with high ceilings allocated for storage and packaging of products have the temperature and humidity conditions that will allow people to work efficiently and comfortably. Especially when the temperatures are high and at large and high-ceiling spaces where cooling is not possible with conventional air-conditioning systems the desired coolness, humidity and the working environment is provided with Timfog systems.