With the Timfog system, billions of water particles sprayed from the fogging nozzle evaporate by taking the heat of the air, thus reducing the temperature and increasing the relative humidity. The resulting cool and moist air is used to keep the greenhouse in the desired climatic conditions with timfog circulation fans, ventilation and control systems. In this way, adverse weather conditions for the plant (live) that may occur in the greenhouse are minimized. With the falling temperature; Since the working environment and the more suitable conditions for the growth of the plant are created, the waste rates decrease and the productivity increases.

The most important advantage in Timfog systems is that the water particles sprayed at 100 bar and above physically pass into the gas phase, so the plants can provide the humidity they need from the air without getting wet. In this way, fungi and rot that may occur due to wetting are prevented.

The amount of water to be sprayed into the environment; It is calculated using the psychometric diagram according to the desired humidity based on the volume of the greenhouse, the highest temperature and the lowest humidity determined according to the climatic conditions of the geographical region.

The humidity of the air decreases with the increase in temperature during the day. The humidity, which can be high in the morning and evening, decreases in the middle of the day and during the hours when the temperature is high, and the plants in the greenhouse may be exposed to different climatic conditions during the day. However, the biggest advantage of greenhouses is that crops can be grown under controllable climatic conditions. With Timfog systems, it is possible to create the same climatic conditions in greenhouses throughout the day.