Due to the increase in demand, flower production in the market increased. Winter in summer with flower greenhouse; In winter, summer flowers are grown. Let’s examine the production of water lily and rose together:

Wallflower: It is a European plant. There are 3,500 varieties and there are about 500 varieties in our country. The scent becomes more pronounced at night. It likes moist, humous and gravelly soils. It is used as a cut flower. It has a height ranging from 60 cm to 100 cm. If it is to be planted in a pot, in order to drain the water it receives; the bottom will have to be a hole. Harvest can be done between 90-120 days. The temperature in the greenhouse is 15 degrees during the day; 10 degrees at night would be appropriate.

Rose: It should be watered twice a week. He loves the light. It is suitable for the night temperature to be 16 degrees. It can be grown in every garden soil except clay and sandy soils. It is the most preferred cut flower in the world. Its length can be 100 cm – 200 cm. The regions where rose production is most intense; Marmara and Aegean region. Generally for the production of roses in high-tech greenhouses; soilless greenhouses are preferred.