The main high cost element of today’s greenhouse management is heating expenses. Until 2 years ago, about 80% of the cost of a greenhouse operation was heating expenses (for a greenhouse heated with coal), but today the cost of heating expenses has increased by 200 percent. With the recent cut off of natural gas by Russia, Europe has turned to a new search. This situation caused them to close many existing greenhouses. With the increase in coal costs, there is also a stagnation in greenhouses in Turkey. At the same time, using natural gas or coal will definitely be a method that you will lose. It seems that due to the high cost, it will not be possible for your investment to pay for itself.

The solution to solve heating expenses in the cheapest and most sustainable way: Renewable Energy. The main options that are thought to be suitable for the greenhouse are; There will be Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Geothermal Energy.

According to the researches, in greenhouses of 20.000 m2 and above:

+ A greenhouse operation investment made with solar energy will not be able to pay for itself.

+The investment in the operation of a greenhouse made with wind energy, the payback period is approximately 30 years.

The payback period of the +Geothermal Greenhouse investment is 4-5 years.

It can be seen that the most profitable and the most profitable greenhouses with geothermal energy, which will save more than the invested cost in the shortest time.

Europe, which has insufficient geothermal resources, plans to turn to Wind Energy and Solar Energy.

Greenhouse Heating with the Use of Solar Energy: Considering that we cannot benefit from solar energy in cold weather and at night, when we need heating the most, it will not be a very logical investment.

Greenhouse Heating Using Wind Energy: Heating the greenhouse by installing wind turbines is a very costly investment. In windless weather or in very low winds, sufficient energy will not be available to heat the greenhouse. Precautions will be taken by accumulating energy. But accumulating energy is more costly than generating it.

Generating and selling electricity with Solar Energy and Wind Energy instead of greenhouse management is a convenient investment.

In terms of density of geothermal energy resources, it ranks first in Europe; We are in the 4th place in the world. This situation makes Turkey more attractive for investors.

It is possible to see Geothermal Greenhouses of all greenhouses in the coming period. Especially in Turkey.