This type of greenhouse is more economical than the 9.60 gothic type modern greenhouses and are suitable for growing tomatoes, peppers, all kinds of plants and seedlings.

It is used for agriculture with and without soil. The height of the greenhouse peak is by default 6.00 meters.

Increasing the top height to 8.5 meters ensures ideal use of banana greenhouses.

The tunnel width of these greenhouses is 8.00 meters. The distance between the columns is in standard dimensions 2.5 meters.

Depending on the snow load and the type of product to be cultivated, the column distances can be reduced to 2 meters.

8,00 Gothic types in modern greenhouses no welding works are used. These greenhouses are combined with steel bolts and specially made metal fittings. Metal profiles and parts are galvanized and will be

manufactured with cold drawing and press.

On the roof there are double opening ventilation windows. These windows can air-condition with 40% ventilation capacity. On request, a single window can be created.

If required, self-opening window system can be mounted in longitudinal directions on the side walls.