Modern tomato greenhouses and simple type tomato greenhouses are manufactured by our company. Growing tomatoes in modern tomato greenhouses varies between 25-85 kg/m2 per year.

To achieve high yields in modern tomato greenhouses:

Achieving high yields in modern tomato greenhouses is related to the technology of the greenhouse, its location and how well it is operated. Tomato greenhouses, which can meet all these criteria, can achieve yields of up to 85 kg per m2 per year. The installation costs and operating costs of this type of greenhouses require higher capital, but the return of the capital to the investor is much faster.

To put it simply, higher productivity means more production in less space. High yield gains don’t just mean high income. This also means that the unit costs of expenses on the basis of square meters decrease.

The relationship of high efficiency with systems,

Heating costs: heating costs are calculated as approximately half of greenhouse costs. Heating costs decrease with the increase of the product received per unit. There is a 4 times heating cost difference between growing 85 tons of tomatoes in a 10,000 m2 greenhouse and growing 85 tons of tomatoes in a 40,000 m2 greenhouse.

Fertilization costs: No matter how good quality fertilizer you use, if the plant has light, heat or stress problems, your yield will be low. Most of the fertilizer you give per square meter will be wasted in an inefficient greenhouse.

Investment costs and general operating expenses: At first glance, a greenhouse with a high square meter cost may be thought to be more expensive. This is completely wrong. A modern tomato greenhouse established for yield increase with the right equipment is much cheaper. Suppose you calculate to buy 100 tons of tomatoes per year. You can reduce your land investment by installing a greenhouse on a 40,000 m2 land on 15,000 m2 land. In addition, you can employ less personnel in business maintenance. You consume less electricity and water.

Basically, in order to build a high-level tomato greenhouse, one should start with the idea of more technology instead of bigger. This type of greenhouse can give you a faster return on capital.

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