Purpose of the Machine:
Seed extraction machine for cones, Scotch pine, larch,
It is designed to extract the seeds of red pine cones. of the machine
The aim is to extract the seed in a shorter time and more efficiently.

Benefits of the Machine:
Seed extraction machine for cone
less labor, shorter time, less energy compared to the methods used
can be obtained through its costs. Higher yield at live seed rate
can supply. By occupying much less space, it reduces the facility investment cost.
it drops considerably. All the seeds in the opened cone can be taken and opened.
higher rates were observed. Number of embryos in full seed
hardly any.

Capacity Information of the Machine:
Each machine capacity installed in Amasya facility is wet.
500 kg per day for cones. It is 1000 kg per day for dry cones.

Working Logic of the Machine:
The seed extractor for cones is basically placed in an oven.
inserted drum. 500 kg of seeds can be loaded by one person and one person
to be filled in sacks within half an hour by
was designed. Loading can be done with one person in half an hour,
By pressing the start button, the machine is activated and after approximately 24 hours
Empty cones can be filled into the sack by the person. If the seeds
It is waiting outside in a container cleaned of garbage. Bakery
The automation system is fixed at 55 ⁰C so that the seed does not burn.
Resistance fan system in order to prevent fire hazard inside the oven
installed outside the furnace. The drum rotates at certain intervals.
it turns the cone inside upside down. It has been observed that the same
Even the cones from the region have different opening times. This
the difference can be enormous. A cone in the same battalion 4
hour, while the other cones can open after 24 hours. This
For this reason, the seed in the first cone that is opened is not taken out from the machine.
On the other hand, the embryo of the first one to emerge deteriorates until the other cones open. This
The seeds in the cones opened in each cycle in the machine come to the drum grid.
falls into the vibratory transmitter below. Vibrating transmitter switched on
It prevents the embryo from burning by taking the seed out of the cone.

As a result, the basic logic of the machine is to take the first seed out.
is to provide. In the previous version of the machine, it was sent to Ankara Genetics laboratories.
It has been observed that the samples sent provide an embryo yield from 55% to 76%.
In the trials of the last machine,
It is thought that the viability rate in the filled seed reaches 95%.

Manufacturing Process of the Machine and
The machine took its final form after 1.5 years of testing by making a total of 4 prototypes, 3 in Amasya Nursery Directorate and 1 in Yürekli Mühendislik Mersin Factory. Many tests have been made and it has been manufactured with great effort.

yield table,