The height of banana greenhouses is 7-7.5 meters. The air inside the greenhouse is 95% humid; The average temperature is kept at 22-23 degrees. When the temperature is 15 degrees, the banana will go to sleep. Banana, which loves tropical environment, is very easy to grow and harvest when the necessary conditions are met. 11 months for first harvest; For the 2nd- 3rd- 4th- 5th harvest, 6 months will be enough. Each banana in the offspring of the banana plant is called fingers and the groups consisting of fingers are called combs. As soon as the banana grows, the leaf is pruned so that the leaf at the bottom does not use the water needed by the fruit and the fruit is strong. Due to the large amount of potassium in it; The leaf is kept in the middle area and rots and helps the plant to be fed. In addition, bananas are made up of 80% water. It grows in the Mediterranean region of Turkey.